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    VistaPoint attendant consoles are designed for ease of use

    Automatic call queuing and distribution • Dynamic busy lamp field (BLF) • Exchange and Google Calendar integration • Supports phone, mouse and keyboard
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    Real-time attendant console options that work for YOU

    VistaPoint “Lite” serverless • Web/browser based • Server-based
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    Features that YOUR business needs

    Integrated directories (UCM, LDAP, ODBC, .CSV) • Integration with AD, MS Outlook, Jabber, MS Lync • Compatible with hunt groups, UCCX, UCCE, shared lines
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    10,000 deployments worldwide

    Concurrent licensing to reduce deployment costs • Upgrade credit when the time is right • Web demos and datasheets available NOW
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    VistaPoint Cisco Certified!

    VistaPoint Enterprise has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5.
VistaPoint Enterprise has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5! Compatible

VistaPoint Attendant Consoles

Solutions. Affordability. Ease-of-use.

  • Affordable solutions

    Multiple solutions and configurations for your budget

  • Complete compatibility

    UCM v6.x-10.5/BE6K, Mac w/VMWare Fusion, and more.

  • Comprehensive integration

    Jabber, InformaCast, MS Lync, Exchange/365, and more.

  • Intuitive end-user experience

    Customized feel for ease-of-use and increased productivity
  • Full upgrade credit

    Full trade-in credit toward upgrade when the time is right
  • Proven best value on the market

    10,000 deployments worldwide

Stand-alone attendant console

no server required
VistaPoint “Lite” Console
  • Console installed on operator’s PC—no back end server!
  • $995.00 per seat
  • 8-minute install video
  • Single executable automatically downloads the current TSP from CallManager
  • NO dependency on MSSQL
  • Native 32- or 64-bit support
  • Real-time busy lamp field (BLF) monitors all devices
  • Fully integrated with: CallManager Directory, Active Director, (LDAP, ODBC, or CSV) & InformaCast

All-inclusive server-based attendant

“Console Companion”
VistaPoint Server-Based Console
  • Server proxy for all consoles—single TSP connection
  • ACD Module supports Call Queuing
  • Integrated with: CUPS, Jabber, Lync, Exchange, Google
  • Emergency call notification
  • UCM and Active Directory integration supporting multiple connections
  • ODBC or .CSV file integration
  • HA option for critical deployments
  • Reduced deployment costs with 600 “concurrent” consoles per server
  • Fully integrated with InformaCast® paging and notification services
  • Supports UCM native call queuing

Multipurpose browser-based

attendant console
VistaPoint WebConsole
  • Works with the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox & IE
  • Jabber embedded to support Voice, Video and IM Services
  • Admin features including user setting, layout etc.
  • Centralized administration managed by System Administator
  • All software resides on VistaPoint server
  • Deploys in less than five minutes
  • Significantly reduces IT costs
  • Accelerates delivery and availability
  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to other consoles

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